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don’t wanna cause no trouble but baby i wanna get a nibble steamin’ hot, you know i gotta sample sugah vittles gimme a little, and it’ll melt me down to the middle make the chocolate flow ’til we wipin’ up the dribble and I don’t fiddle unless I got the proper instrument you bring the ingredients and I’ll buy all the implements playing with your flour helps me grow into significance bowl and wooden spoon got two willing participants guide my hands because you kneadin’ a massage blending together essences beneath the camouflage you’re heating up my bakery and that…

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in an age of information ostensibly masquerading and parading the shamelessly craven’s debauched instigations as substitutions for amplification of true knowledge and all that it’s precipitated like Icarus in freefall is endless victimhood revealed as exhibitionist self-flagellation that defies any sensible explanation across the nations digitized electrical impulses undulate unmodulated and under-debated by unsated haters fated to massacre all adherents to a form of civilization destined for dissipation i drip this into your melons for your edification on the stratifications debasing our innovations the nascent reimagination of motivations deceptively and kleptomaniacally for the taking remains unguarded from thieves in the…

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On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama was inaugurated as the first U.S. President of African American ancestry. Twelve years later to the day, Kamala Harris was the first woman, first African American and first Asian American inaugurated as U.S. Vice-President.

Meanwhile, north of the border …

Though Canada has had one woman serve as its Prime Minister (Conservative Kim Campbell in 1993, who took up the role in June after Brian Mulroney resigned, then was promptly annihilated by the Jean Chrétien Liberals in the subsequent federal election in October), we have never had a person of colour serve as the leader of the government. …

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all i can hear is the astonishment
see the despair and read the admonishment
of the most obvious and dishonest monument
to the cooperative collaborative acknowledgment
of truth that shall ring loudly enough through history
to deafen the most committed of propagandists
who will try (and fail) to convince people of intelligence
that the “American dream” retains symbolic relevance

once the broken glass in the Capitol is swept away and this president’s presence in Pennsylvania (Avenue) is swept away along with this nation’s pride of place shattered along with their legislature defaced by the reality in the prescience of Junior…

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Let’s be honest: Your company has probably been accused at some point of doing a poor job managing diversity in the workplace.

Many organizations are not very good at it. Most hadn’t been thinking much about it before this year. And all of them are trying to avoid being dragged by online critics for their reluctance/inability/abject refusal to take the matter seriously. It’s one of the great themes from the Year Of The Coronavirus that we can all agree is taking place (even if we don’t agree with the argument’s basic assumptions).

Twelve months, twelve poems, twelve power pieces of spoken word poetry for a different take on the Medium platform. Incredibly, we reached the ides of December on Sunday the 13th…

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Greg Frankson (GF): Back in January, I approached you with the idea to create a series based on the spoken word poetry I’ve performed live on stage in Canada and around the world. It didn’t appear to be something that happened much on Medium (if at all), so I tossed the idea past you as pretty much the first thing I wanted to do on Assemblage. Once you saw my work, you were an enthusiastic YES on the project. Do you remember why you were so keyed up to do this with me?

Jonathan Greene (JG): I do remember why…

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there are three types of people in the world today
those in the game, those who watch, and those oblivious to the play
which one are you?
just wait a second — i want to get this on tape
my music box records the paradox
of life’s true shape

back in the days when television was a novelty set and radio was still the king and the best way for you to get all of your news and information on the state of the world we used imaginative methods — mental images swirled but now today you play your Prime…

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Audio for The Ides Have It will be posted here throughout the year.

i was alone in my apartment the day my daughter was born imagining the scene at the hospital as new mother lay on bed with waters spilled and cervix induced to expand like an eye taking in visions loud screams followed by thick lips, a dark curly-haired crown and a birthmark that reddened petite nostrils nurse swoops in like a stork to cleanse the infant of the fluids that ease passage through the birth canal then places the tears, hopes, joys, and dreams of two human beings…

Greg Frankson

Poet, Educator, Social Commentator & Speaker • Presenting the vision that inspires others to positively change the world • raiseyourvoice[at]

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