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which of these two is the greatest — is it love or pride?
is it easier to defy or feel the warmth inside?
shall you stand on a principle that shatters your heart
or do you principally stand and watch your heartache depart?

which in love is the noblest — to be right or strong?
to say the things that must be said without the fear that you’re wrong
to take a chance or just to risk your motives are pure
when you purposefully stride though your steps are unsure

and which in pride is the saddest — vanity or fear?
to hold your head up high and try to hide the coursing tears
understanding that in giving ground you gain the whole earth
and fill the emptiness inside left by love’s stale dearth

when do we conquer our pride — is it early or late?
are all the etchings of your love rubbed from my black slate?
or can I reach for chalky points that mark my soul for life
and make me see that happiness will coexist with strife?

how do we let our love lead us — is it fully or less?
pull back from challenging ourselves to overpower the stress
the victory of everlasting happiness is in reach
if we allow our love to nurture and to thrive and to teach

when do we learn from our mistakes — is it never or now?
just heal the wounding of your soul and end the personal row
the inner clash of love and pride exposes what is inside
which claims that heart of yours the greatest — is it love or pride?

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