Why Black Votes Don’t Matter in 2020

They still need to go to the polls, but their ballots won’t push the next president over the top

Former Vice-President Joe Biden is very popular with African-American voters in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary. A recent Washington Post-Ipsos poll put Biden’s support at 48% with this key voting constituency.

So what?

The voting preferences of Black people aren’t the problem in Trump’s America. They know he’s a raging racist. They’ve known it since the time of the Central Park Five if they weren’t aware of it before then as one of his unfortunate tenants as far back as the 1970s. Trump’s infamous comments after a white supremacist killed an anti-racism protestor in Charlottesville in 2017 just exposed in an undeniable way what Black people knew all along.

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African-Americans proved their belief in Trump’s unfitness for office when they voted overwhelmingly against him on Election Day in 2016. A CNN exit poll found that 89% of African-American voters cast ballots for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, compared to 8% for Trump, the standard-bearer for the Republican Party.

After watching him govern for three years, their opinion of Trump’s fit as president hasn’t changed. The WP-Ipsos poll found that 93% of African-Americans prefer any of the Democratic candidates over the president, with 73% saying they were certain they’d cast a ballot on Election Day 2020.

They want Trump voted out of office. Stat.

Black people in America fondly remember Biden’s time as second-in-command to the country’s first Black president. Lingering nostalgia for the Obama years, coupled with familiarity with Biden after his long pre-VP tenure in the Senate, are all factors that have led to an insurmountable advantage for his campaign among African-Americans. Biden is their first choice to replace Trump and reestablish a version of the comparatively calm and drama-free leadership the country experienced under Obama.

This again begs the question — so what?

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Even if Biden earned every available African-American vote as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, that would do nothing to prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected to the job of President of the United States of America. The reason for this is obvious:

Black people didn’t elect him to office in the first place. White people did.

The stats around the voting preferences of African-Americans are nice as trivia. However, if Democrats can’t win the support of more White folks in swing states who voted for The Donald last time, he will return to the White House for another four-year heaping spoonful of what we’ve already endured to date.

The world can’t take much more Trump and remain in one piece.

Democrats — the next step is up to you.

Greg Frankson is a former Canadian national poetry slam champion with words published in collections, anthologies, audiovisual recordings and literary journals. He was the poet laureate for the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership and an on-air current affairs commentator for CBC Radio One. Follow Greg on Twitter, Instagram and Medium (@greg_frankson).

Poet, Educator, Social Commentator & Speaker • Presenting the vision that inspires others to positively change the world • raiseyourvoice[at]voiceshareinc.com

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